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We're pleased to work with major business owners who are enthusiastic, optimistic and appreciate the efforts shown by us.

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Our approach is unique and the accounting service bestowed keeps you healthy financially along with easing the work pressure.

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Our bookkeepers are professional and ensure that your financial records are maintained and updated with streamlined bookkeeping operations.

Welcome to Golden Bookkeepers

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Golden Bookkeepers is located in Melbourne. Our staff consists of qualified and accredited bookkeepers, accountants and BAS agents with extensive experience in all matters relating to Bookkeeping.

Golden Bookkeepers understands how stressful finance issues are to individuals and companies. Our aim is to remove all stress, improve cash flow, increase profit and allow the individual and/or company to concentrate on their day to day activities stress free.

Our Services

What we bring to you

General Bookkeeping

Our efficient bookkeepers and accountants have the right set of knowledge to that keep perfecting client’s accounts.

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Data Entry

We keep track of all your balances with accurate incomes and expenses to prevent double payments and expensive mistakes.

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Debt Collection

Our expert debt collectors are fully qualified and knowledgeable about collectable debts adhering to the laws and policies in Australia.

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Accounts Receivables

We help you prepare invoices for the businesses and send them to the clients. We keep track of the invoices with regular reporting.

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Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks setup and training

People adopt skills in different ways. We have the right training options that suit the needs of your learning.

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Golden Bookkeepers offer on and off site Bookkeeping services depending on the need. No financial issue is too big or too small for us. We are here to ensure you and/or your business NEVER suffers again. A business will only grow if you help it, Golden Bookkeepers are here to work together to ensure you and/or your business grows to its maximum capacity.


Reliable accountants & bookkeepers

We have a team of reliable accountants and bookkeepers who take time to understand the process required based on your needs.

Flexible Services

We keep your records streamlined to save on unnecessary fees. We ensure that your finance is prepared accurately.

Custom Pricing

Based on the needs our services and pricing can be customised to meet accuracy before delivering the project.



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